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Well It's Back!

The ``Weight of War`` run for veteran suicide prevention!

On Saturday, 3 December, at 11 am, I invite you to join me!! I will be running 21km along the Brisbane river starting at Howard Smith Wharves in my Budgy Smugglers and 10kg TacVest. Raising awareness and funds for veteran suicide and post-traumatic stress solutions. The Budgy Smugglers represent vulnerability, and the vest represents the weight of war.
This year I’m sending an open invitation and challenge to you all! If you can’t run, join us at Felons Brewing Co. for a laugh!! Keep reading…

If you are running, this isn’t your typical run; it’s designed to test you mentally and physically. It’s going to be hot; it’s going to be tough. You don’t need a vest or to do it in your budgies; however, we would love to see you get into the day’s spirit!

Are you not keen on running but still want to be a part of this epic day? Well, that’s cool too, because I’m inviting you all down to Felons Brewing at Howard Smith Wharfs, Brisbane, where we will be putting on a memorable event. Felons Brewery is providing us with an exclusive area on the grass for the day and has kindly committed 6 Karma Kegs, and is putting on a BBQ for all who come down. This means that for every beer and food purchase you make, 100% will go to sponsoring veterans onto the Survive to Thrive Nation program. There will also be raffles for more prizes than you can poke a stick at, again with 100% going towards sponsorship for veterans onto the program.

So save the date; tell your mates, tell your dad, tell your Mum, tell your nan and get a crew down to cheer on all the runners returning from their trot and raise some much-needed funds for our veterans.

Also, do you mind contributing below to help me reach my veteran sponsorship target? Thank you!

When: Saturday 3 December

Run: Start time: 11 am

Where: Felons Brewing at Howard Smith Wharfs, Brisbane

Celebrations: from 12 noon onwards


$2,397 of $10,000 raised

The STTN transformational program is valued at $2500.00. However for every $1000 raised on this challenge; they will sponsor a veteran onto their program for life. 100% of all funds raised by Josh and his campaign, goes to sponsoring veterans onto the STTN program. Please Note that STTN is a Profit For Purpose Organisation NOT a charity. Please click here to learn more : Profit For Purpose

If you wish to make a charitable donation please click here

Would you like to contribute to Josh to change and save a veteran’s life?



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December 3, 2022

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December 3, 2022

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December 3, 2022

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Stan Dines

December 3, 2022

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December 3, 2022

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December 3, 2022

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After meeting Dane (Founder and CEO of Survive to Thrive Nation) back in 2019 and getting to see first-hand the fantastic results that veterans on the STTN program were achieving, Josh was absolutely taken back. After serving 6 years in the Australian Army and upon his discharge in 2015 there was a void left in his life. The lack of direction and purpose that he once had was gone overnight. This battle to find and forge a new identity post service was his biggest challenge yet. Given no direction or support when he left the Army, Josh struggled for some time to find his new “why” going through constant self-doubt and struggling with depression. Eventually, he established his new identity within the Strength & Conditioning industry, finding purpose in his career and service to others. He’s now an advocate for veteran mental health and suicide prevention and an STTN Ambassador. The moral of his story is he took the long and hard road, the same road that so many of our veterans have taken and are taking. The same road that’s unnecessarily taking lives. But there is a better way! With the STTN program! They train us to go to war, but STTN trains us to come home.

“We have lost more than 1200 veterans to suicide, compared to 41 in combat. That is completely unacceptable, and I will not stand for this! It’s reported 46.8% of veterans will experience a mental health concern within the first 12 months of discharge. However, if there are others like me who were or are suffering in silence because they perceive it not manly or something that they can talk about, well, I’m afraid to see what the real number might be! This is why I’m so passionate about this cause, this run and the STTN program. Had I been exposed to the program back in 2015, I can only imagine how many of those dark days I wouldn’t have had to go through alone. So I’ll fight to break the stigma around mental health in the veteran community and continue fighting for those who feel like they are losing theirs. Until this number is zero, I won’t stop and until the STTN program is available and mandatory for all members leaving the Defence Force, our work won’t be done. “

$58,783 of $500,000 raised

RAISED $58,783 11.76%


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