Veterans Mental Health & Transitioning Success Program

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Multi-Award Winning Lived Experience Online Course tested in three clinical evaluations.

Gain Fully Funded Access To:

8 Module Online Evidence Based Mental Health And Transitioning Success Program

Routine – Receive our Phone App to start your day with purpose, positivity and strength

24 Hr Access to Online Peer Support /Success Community

Optional Access to Peer Coaches (Trained Veterans Coaching Veterans)

Optional Access to Pastoral Care

Optional Access to Telehealth Psychologists (see a psychologist within just 5 days)

The STTN program has been tested and reviewed via three separate clinical evaluations proving to improve recovery for PTSD, anxiety, depression, and anger and improving happiness and well-being. It is renown as the “GPS to Success” providing a tested self-help and peer support fundamental framework that creates independent people in mental health prevention, recovery, and additionally transitioning success back to civilian life.

Government Statistics:

Between 2001 and 2019 there were 1,273 certified deaths by suicide among members with ADF service (Australian Institute Of Health And Wellness-AIHW). (In comparison to losing 41 ADF personnel on deployment, you were 31 times more likely to take your own life than be killed in combat during this time-period)

Between 1997 And 2020 there were 1,600 certified deaths by suicide among members with ADF Service. Of these, 1,330 (83%) occurred among Ex-Serving members, 154 among permanent members, and 115 among reserves (AIHW). Research shows transitioning stressors such as loss of Purpose, Identity Crisis, Mental Health Decline, Adaptation Stress, Financial Difficulties, And Disconnection To Community are some common contributing factors.

The Australian Psychological Health Survey shows almost two thirds of patients had to wait more than 12 weeks to receive psychology care. 1 in 3 (33%) Psychologists are unable to see new clients due to heightened demand, an increase from 1 In 5 (22%) from June 2021.

Why choose us?

See our passionate telehealth psychologists within just 5 days for white and gold card holders. Fastest Access in Australia.

Fast and ongoing access to our evidence-based online program, phone app, and online private peer support community.

Indefinite access to trained Peer Mentors (lived-experience mentors)

7000+ completions of our Evidence-Based Online Veterans Mental Health Program Since 2015

3 Clinical Evaluations – Proved to Significantly Improve Recovery for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Anger.

Gallipoli Medical Research Evaluation illustrate significant improvements to “Happiness and Wellness”

0 Reported Suicides. National Clinical Evaluation with Open Arms/Department of Veterans Affairs’ reported “multiple clients report this program saved my life.”

Phoenix Australia – Centre for Post-traumatic Mental Health Review Reports “this program appears to address a gap between clinical services and programs and the work of ESO’s.”