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Dane Christison, an East Timor and Iraq veteran, is the founder of the world’s first online, evidence based, mental health and transitioning success personal development program, Survive to Thrive Nation. The program also offers 24-hour access to national peer support.

After Dane overcame his own adversities of PTSD and the impact of transitioning back to civilian life through personal development, he turned his pain into a purpose and jumped back in the hole with current and former service personnel to show them the way out.

Dane has been providing this program to thousands of current and former service personnel with excellent feedback and results since 2012. In 2016, after Dane launched his program online, Survive to Thrive Nation went through a clinical pilot at Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation with 29 current and former servicemen and women which proved outstanding results. In 2017, he then went on to win the Unsung Hero Award on the TODAY show, and the 2019 Lord Mayor’s Australia Day Achievement Award. Survive to Thrive Nation is currently in a national pilot-partnership with Open Arms Veterans and Families Counselling Service changing and saving the lives of more than 500 veterans.

Amongst many more achievements, Dane has created national partnerships to assist service families in financial hardship and continues to inspire the community as a veteran and mental
health ambassador.


“I didn’t want to be dependent on counselling and treatment the rest of my life, I wanted my independence to thrive. After years of research and achieving my own mental health recovery, I developed a program for the military mindset and the common issues we face. I stand by my word that the military trains us to go to war, this is the program that trains us to come home.


Most people say they just want to be who they were before their mental health became a problem or they became lost with their transition back to civilian life. When they join the Survive to Thrive Nation program, they immediately acquire the support, goals and mindset to achieve more and to live a life of happiness which they never thought was possible.”

–Dane Christison


We are the creators and providers of the world’s first online, evidence based, mental health and transitioning personal development program for current and former service personnel with 24hr optional online peer support and mentoring.


As our program was created by a veteran for veteran’s through lived experience, we thrive on assisting our members becoming independent in overcoming psychological and emotional stress, living happy and healthy lives, and creating a successful mind-set for transitioning back to civilian life.


To be the online provider of choice world-wide to support the mental health and transitioning of current and former service personnel, first responders and their families.


“They train them to go to war, we train them to come home”

It is our mission to become a compulsory program before leaving defence. (Prevention is better than a cure).


Efficiency – Pride in efficient delivery of assistance.

Empathy – We understand and truly care about the struggles service personnel and their families face day to day.

Respect – Lead with admiration for those who have served.