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Our COurses

Veteran Support Program

Multi-award winning lived-experience online course tested In three clinical evaluations.

The Survive to Thrive Program is an 8 Module, online, evidence-based personal development course designed for current and former service personnel to reach their full potential in mental health and transitioning success. The program also provides 24hr access to peer support and mentors for emotional support, accountability and motivation. Evidence proves a positive transformational experience.

Thriving Lives Program

Unleash the power of our revolutionary online workforce coaching program. The program is pro-active and multi-purposeful. Focusing on our 7 key pillars of success – Clarity of Purpose, Confident Identities, Mental Health Education and Practices, Enhance Positive Relationships, Community Connection, and Financial Maturity, this program can be used for inductions to prevent mental health conditions occurring, intervention to improve recoveries, or performance to improve productivity and culture.