So you’re here to find out what is a Profit for Purpose Organisation, and why have we changed our ethos to align with this model? It’s simple. As the Founder and CEO I do not want to be mistaken for a charity or not-profit, we are a veteran owned business, but unlike a normal business, we refuse to allow suffering veterans pay for our life-saving and changing service.


We also want you to know where 100% of your money goes. If you contribute $1, 100% of that $1 goes towards sponsoring a veteran onto a program that is proven over 9 years through three separate clinical evaluations to improve, change, or even save lives.


Our company supports many charities, and they support us. However as a Profit for Purpose organisation it gives you the option to come directly to us, the service provider, without paying extra fees. As you probably know, many charities have admin fees, pay wages, and overheads at the expense of your donation. You don’t pay for those things with us, 100% of your contribution goes into sponsoring a veteran, and as a company we pay our own expenses.


A Profit for Purpose Organisation is a business with a social purpose where profits can be invested towards the mission. As veterans, who were trained for war, and were not trained to come home, our mission is to achieve just that by becoming a compulsory program before leaving defence, and to provide our program to prevent, manage, and recover from mental health injuries at no cost to the veteran.


As a company owner and veteran who built this company at my own expense, if I fail, it’s on me, if I was a charity who failed, it would be on you, the donor. But we don’t fail, with more than 5000 veterans who have completed our program we have achieved zero suicides.


That’s not to say some charities aren’t out their doing some incredible work, they are. We even have charities that will assist you with a tax deduction to assist veterans on our program if you wish, but until veterans are receiving sufficient support from government and charities to cover the demand for our program we will continue to run some of the best events in Australia, and with your help we can put an end to this suffering.