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DefenceCare is a charity and not-for-profit organisation helping current and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force and their families in times of injury, illness or crisis. DefenceCare is proudly part of RSL NSW.

Serving in the Army, Navy or Air Force can have a significant impact on health, well-being and quality of life – during and after service.

Service men and women can return from training, war zones or other deployments with physical and mental injuries.

Some can find it difficult to transition to civilian life – finding a new job, dealing with mental issues or worrying about finances. They and their families can experience significant stress and trauma.

Sadly, some members also lose their lives while serving, shattering the hopes and dreams of their families, especially their partners and children.

Our service men and women have made sacrifices to protect our country; it is our turn to give them a helping hand.

DefenceCare’s aim is to help them and their families get through tough times and will continue helping as long as it is needed. We are always there.
Our Mission

DefenceCare is dedicated to meeting the needs of serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members and their families seeking help with entitlements, advocacy and well-being.
Our Vision

DefenceCare is an innovative leader in the Defence community providing professional, client-focused services.
Our Values

Professional: DefenceCare will provide quality, client- focused services with integrity, reliability and openness.
Caring: DefenceCare will interact with compassion, understanding, commitment and respect.
Innovative: DefenceCare will be responsive and adaptable, with the commitment to meet goals and the courage to evaluate our services and achievements.
Dedicated: DefenceCare’s team will have a culture of professional and personal growth; respect and loyalty to clients and each other; dedication and diligence.
Respectful: DefenceCare will honour our RSL NSW heritage and community.