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About Survive to Thrive Nation

Our Back Story

Survive to Thrive Nation was developed by former infantry soldier, Iraq and East Timor veteran Dane Christison.

In 2009, Post-service, Dane reached out for clinical care but for various reasons his mental health declined further into turmoil.  Untimely and bureaucratic stressors to get appropriate support, programs that did not provide the lived-experience frameworks necessary for tangible results nor the holistic answers he needed led Dane to go on a personal development journey that would eventually lead to Dane “jumping back in the hole with veterans to show them the way out.”  By 2015, Dane became an evaluated personal development coach and pioneer of innovative mental health support.  Survive to Thrive Nation is a multi award-winning organisation that has proven to save and change thousands of lives.  Dane created the worlds-first online, evidence-based, mental health and transitioning success program for current and former service personnel.  The program additionally provides a phone app for routine to achieve positivity and strength, 24hr access to an online support community, and additional peer mentors and coaches (veterans coaching veterans).  The program has been successfully tested in three separate clinical evaluations proving to prevent mental health conditions, and significantly lower PTSD, anxiety, depression, and anger whilst improving happiness.  To date the program has had over 7000 completions and zero reported suicides.


Today Survive to Thrive Nation has multiple programs for the general-public and including (but not limited to) lived-experience coaching, psychosocial hazard support, psychology treatment and pastoral care.  Click here for more information:  www.survivetothrivenation.com/home

Elevating Individuals

Guided by our evidence-based, pioneering program born from authentic lived-experience coaching, we have empowered over 7000 current and former service personnel to rise above mental health challenges and steer towards a path of recovery and a life of empowered purpose. Through our initiative, we've proudly witnessed countless individuals redefine their trajectory, rediscover their identity, and reclaim control over their mental and physical well-being while building supportive relationships and being part of our thriving community.

Reinforcing Industries

As we extend our expert hand to the corporate landscape spanning diverse sectors including mining, legal, accounting, and global construction, we undertake a mission to foster environments where wellness is not a privilege but an ethical right. We have moulded a tested blueprint for success through three clinical evaluations that rests on the foundational pillars of nurturing relationships to achieve six key areas of success. Purpose, Confident Identities, Mental Well-being, Physical Capabilities, Positive Relationships, Community Inclusion, and Financial Maturity. A journey with us means cultivating a culture where excellence isn’t just about accolades; it’s about nurturing thriving minds that fuel thriving lives, steering your organization to unprecedented heights through a community-centric approach.

Our Impact

Since our inception in 2015, we have garnered recognition for our unyielding commitment to excellence, witnessing profound transformations across three clinical evaluations, all characterized by remarkable recoveries and an unprecedented track record of zero reported suicides. Our approach is fundamental, comprehensive, and educational, grounded in the conviction that nurturing the mind and spirit yields not only professional success but also personal fulfillment.

Crafting Future Narratives Together

Whether you're an individual seeking support or resurgence or an organization aiming to redefine wellness standards, Survive to Thrive Nation stands beside you, ready to craft a narrative steeped in resilience, empowerment, and enduring success. By entrusting us with your journey, you choose more than a service; you choose a partner dedicated to fostering:

- Thriving Minds: Embarking on a journey of empowering self-discovery.
- Thriving Lives: Crafting lives enriched with purpose and fulfillment.
- Thriving Culture: Building communities where every individual is empowered to excel.

Join us at Survive to Thrive Nation, where we champion a future brimming with hope, guided by an unwavering commitment to nurturing well-rounded lives and fostering environments where every individual and organization can reach unlimited potential