Owners & Founders

Owners and Founders of Onfit Training College, Don and Rhonda Bacchi, have collectively been involved in the industry for over 50 years. Through this time they each worked in a range of areas including fitness and aerobics instruction, gym management, owning a personal training studio & working with the disabled. They are both extremely passionate about this industry that ultimately helps people both physiologically and psychologically.

With so much experience, Don and Rhonda decided to turn to one of the only areas they were yet to explore- education. With so much expertise to share they thought they had a lot to offer those just entering the industry.

Now almost a decade old, Onfit Training College has established itself in the industry as a leader in education and innovation.


Organisational Values

Flexibility- We are pioneers of online education allowing you to study anywhere, anytime. Even download an app and you can study offline-amazing!

Technology- We are dedicated to improving our student’s learning experience through cutting edge technology. We have an entire research and development department, which continues to look at new and exciting ways to improve our course and your learning experience.

Credibility- Onfit has licensed its course to TAFE & delivers in high schools around QLD. We work closely with community projects such as the “ In & Out Fitness Organisation” in an initiative to transition our returning soldiers into a positive healthy career path.

Support- You will be assigned a personal E-tutor who is dedicated to helping you complete your course. Our E-tutors are highly qualified with real industry experience that they can share with you. You will be set up with a study plan to help you stay on track and complete the course within the allocated time (12 months for Cert III, 12 months for Cert IV & 18 months for Diploma) or sooner if you need to work to a specific time frame.

The entire Onfit Training College Team is dedicated to help make your career aspirations become a reality.