“You train them to go to war, we train them to come home” – Founder / CEO Dane Christison

Our mission is to provide the highest quality innovative programs and opportunities to current and former service families and first responders, in order to overcome psychological and emotional stress, injuries, and transitioning adversities back to civilian life.

“You train them to go to war, we train them to come home” – Founder/CEO Dane Christison

  • Current and former service personnel and families
  • Evidence based online program
  • Personal development
  • Mental health
  • Military to civilian transitioning success
  • 24 hr access to peer support

Coaching current and former service personnel and their family’s independence with overcoming mental health adversities and successfully transitioning back to civilian life.



Post War: Survive to Thrive Program

The Post War Survive to Thrive Program is a coaching program that has been developed from first-hand military experience of overcoming the adversities of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression.




  • To see the changes this program makes for people is exceptional so we seen an opportunity to help IAOFO turn this into an online program and change the world.

    Don Bacchi
    Owner and Director of Onfit Training College and Online Developer
  • I went to the Post War Survive to Thrive program myself and it was absolutely amazing, there were a range of people there from people who were in the Defence Force, people who had left the Defence Force, and their partners as well.  What was most emotional for me was I learned a lot about PTSD that I hadn’t understood before but what I could see was how both Dane and Lex connected with everyone in the room and to see someone like Lex become a motivational speaker through this program was just incredibly powerful.

    Rhonda Bacchi
    Owner and Director of Onfit Training College and Online Developer
  • I think by having veterans as personal trainers and motivational speakers (who have PTSD) it gives it a real normalizing effect because I think one of the big problems with a lot of mental health conditions is that people think they are the only ones going through that struggle which exacerbates more depression and anxiety.  So knowing that these guys are just like them and going through the same thing that they are going through is very useful in itself.

    Dr Keira Buchanan
  • I am watching an ever evolving nation of acceptance and understanding, something that was not available because of the lack of awareness, education and support my comrades and my family had.  To have been able to witness the Post War Survive to Thrive Program and also the transitioning opportunities for the civilian world this organisation is giving both the military member and spouse it gives me hope for a better future.  I want to thank my Grandson Dane Christison for founding this organisation but I can see that it is above and beyond just one man, this organisation is a community of strength through hard-ship.  Teaching people how to take control of their own lives and set personal goals psychologically, emotionally, and physically as it was explained to me from the young soldiers I have met cuts away the fog that together we stand and alone we fall.  This program is a testament that all of us have the strength within to live a life after war where the individual can take control of their own future once they find their purpose in life and this program will set everyone on a path to achieve just that.  Congratulations to all involved.

    Mick Servos O.A.M
    WW2, Malaya and Korea Veteran and Order Of Australia Medal Recipient
  • I have just come on to the Post War Survive to Thrive program, met Dane great guy wanting to do the best by soldiers and guys getting out to give them holistic rehabilitation and working with them to give them that sense of community camaraderie.

    Dwayne Anderson
    Former Infantry Soldier- Afghanistan Veteran
  • Today I was privileged to see the Post War Survive to Thrive Program.  I have known Dane for over a year now and his journey through PTSD is truly inspirational.

    Robyn Collins
    General Manager DefenceCare
  • I came to the Post War Survive to Thrive program to see how I could help current Defence members transition out.  I put my absolute faith in this program to move forward with your life and its time to take that action.

    Rachel Buckland
    CEO of Military Transitions (aka Career Shift)
  • I definitely think a program like this is helping current and former soldiers coming together and talking about how they are going to take control of their lives

    Jenna Ivey
    Australian Soldier
  • I couldn’t have asked for a better transition and this program has helped immensely with that”  (Josh transitioned out of the military and has become a Personal Trainer and mentor through IAOFO.

    Josh Mein
  • I first met Dane when he came to present his Survive to Thrive Program at the SRC (Soldier Recovery Centre) and it really awoke a movement within me, like a movement within myself, and that movement was to seek personal development for my mental injuries.  I was struggling a lot, and struggling to fight that I didn’t have these injuries. Since coming on with IAOFO and Survive to Thrive I am almost living a deliberate life, what I do I have a reason and I take action for that, and those reasons are going to have a positive impact on my life.

    Lex Reilly
    Former Infantry Soldier- Afghanistan Veteran
  • I thought the program was fantastic. The information was delivered in such a succinct, precise and relevant manner that it just sunk in and really hit home. There was times when it was quite emotional but all positive emotions and it was a real honour to be in a room with people going through the same thing. (Speaking about the Post War Survive to Thrive Seminar)

    Ben Davoren
    Former Medic 2 Commando Regiment, Afghanistan Veteran


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