Who are we?

You can turn the most negative experiences in your life into endless opportunities, and that can start right now. – Dane Christison, Founding Director of Survive To Thrive Nation Organisation and Iraq and East Timor Veteran

IAOFO has succeeded in helping current and former service personnel not only overcome the adversities of their hardships through our programs, but empower, inspire, motivate, and change the lives of others by paying it forward through the opportunities of becoming life coaches, personal trainers, and motivational speakers.

We are former Australian Defence Force members providing support for Defence families globally.

We are the creators and developers of the Post War Survive to Thrive Program the world’s first Post Traumatic Stress Disorder online coaching program developed by real veteran life coaches, motivational speakers, and personal trainers guided by holistic practices, including proven, clinical and non-clinical therapy.  Our coaches have not only overcome the worst of their own adversities from PTSD but also the psychological and emotional impacts from transitioning into civilian life.  This program has been proven to help current and former Defence families regain control of their lives by using empowering, step-by-step principals and inspirational and motivational techniques to connect with our members through first-hand experience to not just survive, but to thrive.

Thanks to our initiative with our partners at Onfit Training College we have provided opportunities in the health and fitness industry to more then 300 military families in and out of the Defence community by highly subsidizing the course (up to a diploma) at 30% off in Personal Training. This initiative has helped veterans understand the power of their transferable skills from the military and has played a role in battling veteran unemployment and homelessness.

We will continue to teach our members that their stories are inspirational and valuable whilst turning them from victims into victors.